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Job Vacancy at Nando’s South Africa, Supervisor

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Nando's is a fast food chain that specialises in flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken.

Job Vacancy at Nando’s South Africa, Supervisor. Nando’s South Africa invites applicants to apply for Supervisor  Vacancy in Cape Town, Western Cape.

Nando’s is a fast food chain that specialises in flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1987, Nando’s operates over 1,200 outlets in 35 countries. A worldwide, fast-casual restaurant company specialising in spicy PERi-PERi chicken and sauces. PERi-PERi is the heart and soul of Nando’s. Its story is our story. For centuries the people of Southeast Africa have used PERi-PERi to bring fire to their food. It is in Mozambique’s rich soil and blistering sunshine that the African Bird’s Eye Chilli grows into its fiery best. When Portuguese explorers arrived there, they were enchanted by its flavour. They added a squeeze of lemon and a kick of garlic and turned PERi-PERi into a very well-travelled spice. Which is how, many years later it ended up in Rosettenville, Johannesburg.

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Job Description SHIFT MANAGEMENT Descriptor – Adherers to casa opening and closing procedures and trading hours, escalating all non-trading conditions to the Patrao – Observes adherence to SOP’s and customer service behaviours during the shift and conducts on-the-job coaching – Performs daily compliance checks (health, safety, repairs, maintenance, cleaning and hygiene), solving problems and escalating to the Patrao where necessary – Updates and monitors the production and defrosting planner – Prepares and completes all station issue sheets, stock sheets and checklists – Conducts midday stock counts and daily stock counts – Receives and manages the packing of all orders against the purchase orders using FIFO and FEFO, checking for temperatures, correct quantities and expiry dates – Reviews all expiry dates, isolating expired products according to the SOP and updating waste records – Responds to product recalls following the SOP – Conducts in-casa quality control and portion control on all products – Maintains control of the environment to prevent stock and cash losses – Updates Nandocas on all relevant business indicators, events and processes – Verifies that all Nandocas clock in and out when arriving and leaving shift – Manages issues, conflict and the general wellbeing of Nandocas – Places all daily stock orders using the order planner JOB PROFILE – Monitors behaviour in the casa to ensure that any form of abuse of Nandocas is reported, addressed and followed up – Conducts shift handovers, recording all issues, events and important information in the handover book – Monitors the daily and weekly cleaning schedule – Reviews all SOS and KDS reports and implements corrective measures to achieve service targets – Reports back on any trials being conducted in the casa and records in the handover book – Monitors and implements casa projects as per project plans – Motivates Nandocas to strive for the League of Champions and similar recognition and incentive opportunities – Monitors the roll out and living of Compass values and behaviours in the casa – Monitors the cross training plan and reviews In-Casa Trainer progress – Reviews all training reports and implements corrective actions – Conducts active kitchen management, instructing, guiding and assisting Nandocas GENERAL OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT Descriptor – Inspects all equipment and takes necessary action to maintain equipment in reliable and working condition – Develops and monitors the preventative maintenance schedule, incorporating service provider visits to the casa – Completes the monthly OHS checklist, implementing corrective action where necessary – Conducts weekly crockery and cutlery counts GENERAL PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Descriptor – Identifies nominees for “Nandocas of the Month” in conjunction with the Patrao by the 20th of each month – Conducts regular one-on-one’s with Nandocas, providing coaching, mentorship and guidance where appropriate – Identifies and records the training requirements for the casa, feeding back to the Assistant Patrao and Patrao – Implements a cross training plan – Identifies Nandocas with potential for further development – Attends and contributes to the performance appraisals and reviews of Nandocas in the casa, including the facilitation of developing the personal development plans
Minimum Requirements Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification – 2-3 years restaurant experience – Successful completion of the relevant Hatchlings programme
Duties and Responsibilities KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL – Knowledge of restaurant operations including people, product and customer processes (Intermediate) – Knowledge of Nando’s Technical Operations Standards and back office systems (Basic) – Communication skills – both written and verbal (Intermediate) – Coaching and mentoring skills (Basic) – Microsoft Office skills (Intermediate) DEVELOPMENT AREAS – Conducts the first Sunday GP count for the period – Captures GRV’s for all orders and invoices received on the day – Manages and reconciles the petty cash and change float for the shift – Manages cashier floats – Skims cash from the POS on a regular basis during shift – Conducts cash ups and attends to all discrepancies immediately – Implements disciplinary processes for stock variances, cash variances or any other disciplinary issues – Monitors IT services including internet, connectivity, e-mail, Concord and Nomad functionality and Micros – Manages casa IT, reporting and resolving system issues, updating software and security licences and running backups – Escalates payroll payment and payslip queries to the Patrao – Interacts and engages with customers, attending to in-casa customer complaints and resolving these using the LEAP method – Under the supervision of a manager on duty / the Patrao – o Raises supplier issues for substandard products that have been delivered to the casa through the correct process o Reconciles external delivery company (Mr D etc.) invoices against sales o Reviews all voids, error corrects, cancel totals, casa promos, Nandocas meals and cash shortage reports on a daily basis o Updates ERS by using the Enforcer on a daily basis and provides feedback on the escalations on a weekly basis o Oversees the onboarding of new Nandocas post induction with the Patrao

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