Episode of Uzalo July 2024 today 23 July 2024

Uzalo 23 July 2024

Episode of Uzalo 23 July 2024

The following is today episode on Uzalo 22 July 2024 A Gogo brings her grandson to Mondli and asks for help from The Punisher. Njeza is embarrassed to be at the clinic, he disguises himself from being seen. Nkunzi wants to build a new palace to call home.

About Uzalo

Uzalo is a South African telenovela-turned-soapie created and executive produced by Duma Ndlovu which centres round two families – the Xulus and the Mdletshes – who are unknowingly bound to each other by their sons, who were swapped at birth. These two young men carry the hopes and legacies of these families as they face the complexities of money, family and love. In a country with a history as complex and multifaceted as South Africa’s, what are the ties that bind? Is it blood-ties that make up the family unit, or the bonds forged with perfect strangers who often become dearer to us? Exploring themes of identity, inheritance and beliefs, a shocking secret revealed on a deathbed kicks off this fast-paced telenovela.