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Rajolwethundzuta Biography, Age, Real Name, Wiki, Career, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Photos, Profile

Rajolwethundzuta Biography

Birth name: Olwethu Nicholas Ndzuta.
Stage name: Rajdarapper.
Born date: 23 April 1999.
Current city and hometown: Sterkspruit, Eastern cape, South Africa.
Occupations: Rapper & Songwriter.Rajdarapper started rapping in 2012 when he was only 13 years but he started recording in 2015, Raj worked under ABC records that was owned by the rapper Rogue, under ABC records there were rappers who also worked there, CMG crew which was lead by Rogue and Tis’O Man and many more. Rajdarapper worked on mixtape with Tis’O man titled (Tis’O Man & Raj – We the type niggaz) until he decided to leave and joined a crew called 4CUS crew, member of 4CUS crew (Rajdarapper{Olwethu}, Soulpro{Xolisani}, C.ferg{Buhle} and Deelo-kreed{David}). Rajdarapper has collaborated with many artists such as: IceMan, Sunnydawg, CMG crew, Meezy diva and many more.
Get Rajdarapper, Email:
Facebook page: Rajdarapper SA.
Twitter: @RajDaRapper