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Jabu Nadia Newman Biography, Age, Wiki, Photographer, Filmmaaker, Career, Husband, Instagram, Photo, Profile

Jabu Nadia Newman Biography

Jabu Nadia Newman is a Photographer and filmmaker pushing the agenda of intersectional feminism through art and fashion.

Jabu Nadia Newman and her fictional girl gang The Foxy Five are all about smashing South Africa’s labyrinth of structural oppression. After the #FeesMustFall movement swept across local universities, she put her degree in politics, film and media at UCT on hold to focus on her personal creative output. Between art directing music videos and collaborating on photo series’ and fashion films, Jabu’s also been busy with what promises to be a seriously kickass web show about intersectionality and feminism, and will certainly be the first of its kind to come out of Cape Town.

Jabu’s work is striking to behold, and her constantly shifting pool of inspirations – from the iconic Frida Kahlo to French New Wave cinema – lends to her pop culture-esque aesthetic. More importantly, she’s conscious about the messages she puts forward, ensuring that her creative projects are underpinned by a distinctly African narrative and speak to topics relevant to the here and now.