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Solomon Linda Biography, Wiki, Songs, Death

Solomon Linda Biography

Solomon Linda whose full name is Solomon Popoli Linda was born on 1902 in Soweto, South Africa and died on 8th October 1962 . He was a South African musician.

Solomon Linda Career

He attended the Gordon Memorial mission school, where he learned about Western musical culture, hymns, and participated in choir contests.Influenced by the new syncopated music that had been introduced into South Africa from the US during the 1880s, he included it in the Zulu songs he and his friends sang at weddings and feasts.
In 1931 he moved to Johannesburg where he sang in a choir known as the Evening Birds, managed by his uncles, Solomon and Amon Madondo, and which disbanded in 1933.
He formed a new group that retained the Evening Birds name. The members of the group were Solomon Linda (soprano), Gilbert Madondo (alto), Boy Sibiya (tenor), with Gideon Mkhize, Samuel Mlangeni, and Owen Sikhakhane as basses.
The group evolved from performances at weddings to choir competitions. Linda’s musical popularity grew with the Evening Birds, who presented “a very cool urban act that wears pinstriped suits, bowler hats and dandy two-tone shoes”
In 1939 he started working at the Gallo Record Company’s Roodepoort plant as a record packer the Evening Birds were witnessed by company talent scout Griffith Motsieloa.
Italian immigrant Eric Gallo owned what at that time was sub-Saharan Africa’s only recording studio. In 1939, while recording a number of songs in the studio, Linda improvised the song “Mbube” (Lion). “Mbube” was a major success for Linda and the Evening Birds, reportedly selling more than 100,000 copies in South Africa by 1949.
In 1948 the Evening Birds disbanded.

Solomon Linda Songs

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
“Anoku Gonda”
Ngazula Emagumeni
Like a Prayer

Solomon Linda Death

In 8th October 1962 he died due to renal failure.