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Sipho Mabuse Biography, Wiki, Songs

Sipho Mabuse Biography

Sipho Mabusewas born on 2nd November 1951 in Soweto, South Africa. He is a South African musician, he is a former member of The Beaters which later changed to Harari.


At the age of 8 he started playing the drums. He mastered the drums to an extent of being nicknamed ‘Hotstix’.At the age of 15 during his high school years, he formed his first band The Beaters.The Beaters evolved to become Harari, one of the most successful acts that dominated the music scene of the 1970’s in South Africa.
In 1982 the group broke and Sipho Mabuse launched her solo career. In 1996 after a ten year sabbatical he returned with the album Township Child, an album that brought him back into the musical forefront.


  1. Burnout
  2. Jive Soweto
  3. Shikisha
  4. Thaba Bosiu
  5. Mama
  6. I’m Waiting
  7. The Creator Has a Master Plan
  8. Breakdance
  9. Thiba Kamoo
  10. Let’s Get it On
  11. Jika Jive
  12. Chant of the Marching
  13. Burnout 2007
  14. Jive Kwaito
  15. Zanzibar
  16. Township Child
  17. Rumba Mama
  18. Nelson Mandela
  19. Afrodizzia
  20. Taxi Driver
  21. Hot Stix & All
  22. Hip Hop Jive
  23. Khululani Umandela
  24. African Sunset
  25. Set Me Free
  26. Room of Horror
  27. Celebration
  28. Rise
  29. Redemption Song
  30. Suite June Sixteen
  31. Wozani
  32. How Much More?