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Rowena Baird started her broadcasting career in the mid 1980’s at Radio BOP, She spent time at a variety of radio stations over the years, including, among others, stints at Radio 2000, Channel Africa and Metro FM.She’s read the news, presented magazine programmes, presented current affairs programmes, hosted music programmes, presented features and inserts and, of course, talk shows. Rowena also has Television experience presenting a series of voter education programmes and was a co-presenter of The Breakfast Club on SABC Television in the late 1990’s.

Having being part of the media for most of her professional life, Rowena has had the privilege and the honour of interviewing a wide range of people, the scope of which spans from politicians, to musicians – local and international, to actors, to princes and princesses, to poets and social commentators, to entrepreneurs, to fashion icons, to business men and women, to comedians, to playwrights, to sports heroes, to iconic photographers, to captains of the media, to ordinary men and women of South Africa.

Rowena sees her role as creating and being part of the public discourse and leading and officiating over national debate, using the platform of radio.

After a lengthy battle with colon cancer SA FM radio personality Rowena Baird has died, the station confirmed on Friday. The radio station shared the news on its Twitter page, saying that Rowena's sister confirmed she died on Friday morning.