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Louis Moholo Biography, Wiki, Songs

Louis Moholo Biography

Louis Moholo whose full name is Louis Tebogo Moholo was born on 10th March 1940 in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a South African jazz drummist.

Louis Moholo Career

He formed a group ‘The Blue Notes’ with Chris McGregor, Johnny Dyani, Nikele Moyake, Mongezi Feza and Dudu Pukwana, and emigrated to Europe with them in 1964, eventually settling in London, where he formed part of a South African exile community that made an important contribution to British jazz.
He was a member of the Brotherhood of Breath, a big band comprising several South African exiles and leading musicians of the British free jazz scene in the 1970s and is the founder of Viva la Black and The Dedication Orchestra.
His first album under his own name, Spirits Rejoice on Ogun Records, is considered a classic example of the combination of British and South African players. In the early 1970s, Moholo was also a member of the afro-rock band Assagai.

Louis Moholo Songs

  • The Nearer the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat
  • Opened, but Hardly Touched
  • Keep Your Heart Straight
  • Tuned Boots
  • Amaxesha Osizi
  • Ancestors, Part 2
  • Ancestors, Part 3
  • Ancestors, Part 4
  • Trotzdem und dennoch
  • Involuntary Sculptures
  • Events That Rhyme
  • The Greatest Service
  • Kucken und drücken
  • Mania/Dance
  • Canto General
  • Special Request for Malibu
  • Eine kleine Nachtmarie
  • Kanya Apho Ukhona
  • Journey
  • Pure Vision
  • Double Meaning
  • Conn-Conn
  • Schnell im Biss
  • Come-On-Bert
  • + Bambus
  • Blues
  • Reunion
  • Angel nemali
  • Reflect
  • If I Should Lose You
  • Lakutshon’ Ilanga
  • Tern