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Koos Kombuis Biography, Wiki, Real Name, Songs, Writings

Koos Kombuis Biography

Koos Kombuis whose real name is André le Roux du Toit was born on 5th November 1954 in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a musician, songwriter and writer.

Early life and Education Background

Koos Kombuis grew up in Riversdale, Paarl, Wellington, Kuruman and in Bellville, before his family settled in Stellenbosch (and later in Pretoria, where he spent the last year of high school at Die Hoërskool Menlopark). After school, Koos Kombuis did his compulsory military service: apparently he was so bad at shooting that he was posted in the fire brigade. After this, Koos Kombuis went back to the fire brigade several times.
After the army he wanted to join the University of Stellenbosch but he was not accepted but he choose to stay. He left after two years never finishing his degree. He moved to Johannesburg where he was involved in a lot of different fringe churches and religious denominations, but got increasingly worried about his own mental health.
Due to his mental health issues he visited several psychologists and after being severely medicated, the decision was taken to give him shock therapy. Koos Kombuis claims that after ten treatments, he suffered amnesia and effectively can’t remember the year 1976 to date. After this treatment his parents had him committed to Weskoppies psychiatric hospital in Pretoria (wrongly) diagnosed as having schizophrenia. This was decided after a questionnaire and a single rorschach test. After psychiatrists realised that he wasn’t sick, he’d spent a year in a ward with drug addicts and schizophrenics.

Koos Kombuis Writing Career

He started writing and sending short stories to Afrikaans weekly Huisgenoot. He became a freelance writer, publishing several novellas, volumes of poetry and short stories.
Koos Kombuis  Novels
  • Somer II (1985 – as André Letoit)
  • Suidpunt-Jazz (1989 – as André Letoit)
  • Paradise Redecorated (1990)
  • Hotel Atlantis (2003)
  • The Secret Diary of God (2003)
  • Raka die Roman (2005)
  • The Complete Secret Diaries of God (2008)
  • i-Tjieng, ‘n GPS vir Verdwaalde Siele (2013)
  • Short stories and Collections
  • Nou is die Kaap weer Hollands (1982 – as André Letoit)
  • My nooi is in ‘n tikmasjien (1983 – as André Letoit)
  • Breekwater en ander kortverhale (1986 – as André Letoit)
  • My Mamma is ‘n Taal (2001)
  • Afrikaans my darling (2003)
  • Die dieper dors: ‘n innerlike gesprek (2006)
  • Die Reuk van Koffie (2011)
Koos Kombuis  Poetry
  • Suburbia (1982 – as André Letoit)
  • Die Geel Kafee (1985 – as André Letoit)
  • Die Bar op De Aar (1988 – as André Letoit)
  • Koos se Songs (1998)
  • Die tweede Reën (1998)

Koos Kombuis Songs

  1. Johnny is nie dood nie
  2. Liefde uit die Oude Doos
  3. Die Fokkol Song
  4. Lente in die Boland
  5. Kytie
  6. Bicycle sonder Slot
  7. Liza Se Klavier
  8. Huisie By Die See
  9. Vet Vrou
  10. Reconciliation Day
  11. Madiba Bay
  12. Atlantis in jou lyf
  13. Verslaaf Aan Ruk-En-Rol
  14. Onder in my whiskeyglas
  15. Lalie
  16. Who Do You Sue
  17. Boer in beton
  18. Almal Wil ‘n Huisie By Die See Hê
  19. Blameer Dit Op Apartheid
  20. Babilon Blues
  21. Elke Boemelaar se Droom
  22. Travel in Staail
  23. Hoe Lank Moet Ons Nog Sorry Sê?
  24. AWB Tiete
  25. Prayer for Port St Johns
  26. Fat Cat Piete
  27. ‘n Jaar in Die Son
  28. Waar is Mandela?
  29. Pockets Of My Jeans
  30. Katrina – The Aftermath
  31. Baas Jack
  32. Sweet Freedom