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Johannes Kerkorrel Biography, Wiki, Songs, Awards, Death

Johannes Kerkorrel Biography

Johannes Kerkorrel whose full name is Ralph John Rabie was born on 27th March 1960 and died on 12th November 2002. He was a South African singer-songwritter, journalist and playwright.


He worked as a journalist for the Afrikaans newspapers Die Burger and Rapport.
In 1986, Rabie started performing politically themed cabaret at arts festivals under his new stage name (kerkorrel meaning church organ in Afrikaans).
In 1987, Rabie was fired by Rapport for using quotes from Botha’s speeches in his music; he then became a full-time musician and performer under the name Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band (Johannes Kerkorrel and the Reformed Blues Band), a deliberate reference to the Reformed Church. The band also included the Afrikaans singer-songwriter Koos Kombuis.
In 1989, they released the album Eet Kreef (Eat Crayfish) on the now-defunct Shifty Records label, which was a commercial success despite its tracks being banned from radio airplay by the state-controlled South African Broadcasting Corporation, which was the government mouthpiece.

Johannes Kerkorrel Songs

  1. Halala Afrika
  2. Hillbrow
  3. Hoe Ek Voel
  4. Sit Dit Af
  5. Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou
  6. Revolusie
  7. Somer
  8. Ossewa
  9. Donker Donker Land
  10. Blou Aarde
  11. Ballade van ‘n Mynwerker
  12. Die Ander Kant
  13. Sy Beweeg
  14. Pers Reën
  15. Tronk
  16. Toekomsrap
  17. Derde Wêreld
  18. Awuwa
  19. Energie
  20. Te Veel Vir ‘n Witvrou In Afrika
  21. Ou Ou Lied van Afrika
  22. BMW
  23. Daar Is Geen
  24. Elektriese Stoel
  25. Absoluut Goed
  26. Speel My Pop
  27. Wanhoop in die Vrystaat
  28. Almal Moet Gerook Raak
  29. Onder in my Whiskeyglas
  30. Europhobia
  31. Waiting For Godot
  32. Dirty Business

Johannes Kerkorrel Awards

  • 2013: Lifetime Achievement Award at South Africa Music Awards.
  • 2001: Best pop album and Best adaptation for Die Ander Kant during Geraas awards.
  • 1997: Best Male Vocalist and Best Adult Contemporary Album: Afrikaans for Ge-trans-for-meer at SAMA Awards.
  • 1995: Best Pop Music Performance for Cyanide in the Beefcake at SAMA Awards.

Johannes Kerkorrel Death

Rabie hanged himself on 12 November 2002 in Kleinmond, near Hermanus on the Western Cape coast. He was survived by his long-term gay partner, and by his ex-wife and son.