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Jabu Khanyile Biography, Wiki, Songs, Awards

Jabu Khanyile Biography

Jabu Khanyile was born on 28th February 1957 and died on 12th November 2006. He was a South African musician and lead vocalist of the Bayete band.


His career in music was largely influenced by his father and brother. His father used to perform traditional acapella songs and his brother played in a reggae and soul covers band.
He made a debut in music by joining a local band, The Daffodils, and in 1974 he joined his brother’s band, The Editions as a drumist and later became the group’s vocalist.
In 1977 he moved on to The Movers, and by 1984 Khanyile had joined Bayete as drummer, a band that combined Afro-jazz and reggae. In 1992 the group split and Khanyile embarked on a solo career.
Khanyile became known internationally in 1996 after an appearance at the Royal Gala evening in honour of Nelson Mandela.

Jabu Khanyile Songs

  • Sponky Ponky
  • Ten Times Love
  • Mbombela
  • Umkhaya Lo
  • Wankolota
  • Mmalo We
  • Africa Unite
  • Thabo
  • Thimlela
  • Umbele
  • Emandulo
  • Amasoka
  • Dances of the Ancients
  • Ungayingeni
  • Ubhonso
  • Amadlozi
  • Amambawu
  • Zulu Man In London
  • Ubugwala
  • Jabula Time
  • Culture Disgrace
  • Celebrate Life
  • Black Mampatile
  • Retrenchment
  • Ungavumi
  • Malokazana
  • Inkinobho
  • Mmangwane
  • Sboshwa
  • Pay Day
  • Hiyo Lento
  • Amanazareth

Jabu Khanyile Awards

  • 1996: Best Southern African artist at Kora Awards.
  • 2000: Best Southern African artist at Kora Awards.