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Interesting Facts About Lady Zamar

Interesting Facts About Lady Zamar
Songstress Yamikani Janet Banda, popularly known as Lady Zamar maybe new to the music industry but she has managed to win the hearts of many South African’s through her singing. The songstress has featured on some hits such as: Pitori, Mamelodi, Dark Shadows, Love is Blind and Charlotte.
Here are 10 Cool Facts You Should Know About Lady Zamar:
  1. She loves trucks. “I’ve always had a dream of owning one and just parking it and looking at it all the time”, she said.
  2. She used to play soccer in high school.
  3. Lady Zamar hates peanut butter.
  4. She has stage fright.
  5. Zamar means praising God in music. The Lady part is what poets always called each other in the poetry societies that I frequented.
  6. “I’m a very private person, even with my family. People know what they need to know and that’s how I prefer it”- she said.
  7.  She’d love to work with Euphonik, Black Coffee, Calvin Harris and David Guetta in the future.
  8. “God really inspires me. My mother, relationships and my fans inspire me as well. I love being able to tell their stories and stories about what’s happening in the world and on social media.”- she opened up.
  9.  Lady Zamar loves cartoons – Toy Story is actually one of her favourite movies.
  10.  “I would like to be remembered as someone who changed the world through music. An iconic singer and songwriter”- says Lady Zamar.