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Aquiles Priester Biography, Wiki, Age, Songs

Aquiles Priester Biography

Aquiles Priester was born on 25th June 1971 in South Africa. He is a drummer and the founder member of  heavy metal band Hangar.

Aquiles Priester Career

In 1997 he founded he founded heavy metal band Hangar where he began developing the style. With Hangar he released five studio albums, an acoustic CD and a live acoustic DVD.
In 2001 he joined the band Angra and recorded the album Rebirth, which went gold record in Brazil. After six years and three studio albums, an EP and a live CD/DVD, Aquiles left the band.
In 2006 he released a CD of the Freakeys project, an instrumental rock group formed by Aquiles, Felipe Andreoli, Fábio Laguna and Eduardo Martinez .
In 2010 he released his autobiography “Aquiles Octopus Priester – From Fan to Idol” that’s on its 2nd edition and includes testimonies of famous Brazilian drummers such as Kiko Freitas, Vera Figueiredo, Serginho Herval and João Barone.
In 2010, he was one of seven drummers chosen from all over the world to take part of an audition to substitute Mike Portnoy in the American band Dream Theater and In 2010 and 2013 he went on tour with American guitar virtuoso, Vinnie Moore.

Aquiles Priester Songs

  • Spread Your Fire
  • Spread Your Fire
  • The Temple of Hate
  • Late Redemption
  • Angels and Demons
  • No Pain for the Dead
  • The Shadow Hunter
  • Nova Era
  • Waiting Silence
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Running Alone
  • Millennium Sun
  • When Death Comes Knocking
  • Winds of Destination
  • angra caça e caçador
  • To Tame a Land
  • Alive & On Fire
  • Wishing Well
  • Sprouts of Time
  • Ego Painted Grey
  • Live and Learn
  • Hastiness
  • The Voice Commanding You
  • Acid Rain
  • The Course of Nature
  • Scream Your Heart Out
  • Time to Forget
  • Abandoned Fate
  • Deus Le Volt!
  • So Near So Far
  • Morning Star
  • King For A Day