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10 Interesting Facts About Sho Madjozi

She’s that cool girl we all want to be friends with or sit next to in class. 26-year-old Sho Madjozi who hails from Shirley in Limpopo, is a writer, musician, actress and fashion icon. This vibrant and soulful sister who doesn’t stick to the status quo is taking over Mzansi and is enjoying her growing success a s a young artist.

You are probably curious to know more about the creative Sho Madjozi. Look no further and read below.
1.Sho Madjozi was born in South Africa to a white father and black mother,

2. She can speak Swahili among other languages; she even said that she might drop a track or two in the language.

3. Madjozi has written a biographical book that she hasn’t dropped as it is “just too intimate” and has a background in writing poetry.

4. As a teenager, Wegerif travelled to the United States to read African Studies and Creative Writing at Mount Holyoke College. Following this, she returned to South Africa and took up a fellowship in writing at the University of Johannesburg.

5. Sho Madjozi currently lives in Johannesburg with her boyfriend, a photographer.

6. Sho Madjozi drew inspiration for her name from Vivian Majozi on the old Generations.

7. Sho Madjozi, also known as Maya the Poet for her poetry, started playfully uploading videos of herself rapping in Xitsonga and she experienced a surprisingly positive response from her followers which motivated her to take it seriously.

8. In her raps, Sho Madjozi goes back to how much she loves partying, how broke she is, and criticises people for not living their best lives. This, for her, means embracing all that she is.

9. Tanzania was the genesis of her realization that she was an African and not just South African. Senegal was a great place for her to hide, to be someone else while searching for what she wanted to do. “I did everything there, at some point I was selling second-hand clothes. I mean, I really became resourceful there and the people in Senegal, my god they’ll take your breath away.”

10. She places admiration on people like Wizkid who have steadily become staple acts abroad. With this observation, she notes that one day there will be no distinction between African stars and superstars. All superstars will be from everywhere